Uruguay a safe and reliable country

Uruguay is located in South America, between Argentina and Brazil, and has 3.4 million inhabitants.

It is a peaceful, safe and reliable country, in many respects.  
  • Institutional Security: A recent report published by The Economist points out, that only one country in Latin America can be considered democratic: Uruguay
  • Urban Security: Another report from the UN and the World Bank noted that Uruguay is the safest country in Latin America.
  • Food Safety:  Uruguay is a traditional exporter of meat and cereals. Indeed Uruguay has the capacity to produce food for three times the size of its population. It has vast reserves of water, because it is located within the Guarani Aquifer Zone. It is the only country that has 100% traceability of their cattle.

  •  Safety Climate: The climate is temperate with an average of 22 degrees Celsius. Uruguay is in a safe climate area and free from earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes or volcanic eruptions.

  •  Economic security: In the middle of global crisis Uruguay, was one of the few countries in the world which reached an economic growth. And it is still growing. According to recent estimates of the IMF (International Monetary Fund) Uruguay will close 2011 with an increase of 7% annually.

  • Investment security in tourist areas: The WTO (World Trade Organization) has been reported, that tourism in Uruguay increased by 51%.between 2000 and 2009. Only the city of Punta del Este moves 7 million US-Dollars in real estate investments per day. A similar amount is counted for Montevideo.
Punta del Este is visited annually by about 2000 cruises and is a top resort in Latin America during the summer in the southern hemisphere  In this time of year it is visited by Europeans, Americans, Argentinians, Brazilians, Chileans and guests of other countries.
Punta del Este, the top resort in Latin America
Montevideo, Uruguay's capital, is an important cultural and financial center.
Montevideo is a cosmopolitan city with European style.
Uruguay's development as an investment destination has been very strong over the past 10 years, resulting in an exponential growth in the major sectors of the economy. The value of land increased by over 500%.

On the other hand, income from tourism increased from USD 40 million in 2005 to over USD 500 million in 2010. Being the fastest growing towns: Maldonado (Punta del Este and its area of ​​influence) Colonia and Montevideo.

Besides the natural attractions that Uruguay has to invest, the government actively promotes foreign investments in the country through important tax advantages and other benefits.

All these qualities makes Uruguay a safe and reliable country, ideal for real estate investments.

Uruguayan flag

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