Montevideo: Gateway to the Mercosur

Montevideo, Uruguay's capital, is a quiet and safe city with 1.3 million.

Montevideo was recently chosen as the most comfortable and secure city in Latin America.

The urban landscape of Montevideo is highlighted by squares. The main square is called Plaza Independencia. In this square some important buildings are located: the Presidency of the Republic, Palacio Salvo and the Hotel Radisson.

Palacio Salvo is an historic building of the Plaza Independencia. It was built on the basis of the book: The Divine Comedy, by Dante Alighieri and named after the Salvo brothers, who commisioned its construction.

The port of Montevideo is distinguished in the region for being a deep water port. The port has excellent infrastructure and becomes more and more a logistic hub for the Mercosur.

Over 1000 cruise ships docks at the port of Montevideo annually. Tourists from around the world are walking through the streets daily. In addition to Spanish, it is common to hear people speaking in the streets in English, Portuguese, German, French and Chinese.

The new Carrasco Airport in Montevideo, has been elected in 2010 as one of six world's most beautiful airports.

Right side view of the Carrasco Airport, Montevideo, Uruguay
Internal view of Carrasco Airport in Montevideo
Montevideo, is an ideal place to invest, to live and to enjoy.

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