FIELD of 8,5 hectares in Bella Italia, Montevideo - TE 003

Large property in suburban area of the city:

It is located in the north-east of Montevideo, in the neighborhood "Bella Italia - Punta Rieles", just a few meters away from the industrial plant of Colgate Palmolive. It has access to two important roads: Tte. Alberto Galeano in the north and Gral. Leandro Gómez to the south. The area is covered by the Decree No. 32,186 for urban development of the sector 15 of Montevideo and the National Housing Scheme (Law 13,728).

The ground has the following characteristics:

Actual front:
Surface area:
Height of construction:
Withdrawal on ground floor:
Management for soil:
Preferential use:

two, each of 255 meters *),
335 meters,
85,269 sqm,
water, electricity, sewerage and telephone,
up to 7 meters,
15 meters,
mixed for new incorporation

*) The Decree No. 32,186 comprises two main arteries path parallel to the Gral. Leandro Gómez (each of 17 meters wide), that will allow to organize a cross division. The internal road network shall be composed of seven cross streets, three of 20 meters wide and four of 17 meters. Two of them are scheduled to the left and to the right of the field and will allow to connect the roads Tte. Alberto Galeano and Gral. Leandro Gómez with each other.

Characteristics for dwellings according to the National Housing Scheme:

Height of construction:
Withdrawal on ground floor:
Permitted area for construction:
Preferential use:

up to 9 meters,
4 meters,
residential with compatible services and equipments.

USD 300,000.-- 
TE 003

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As per November 2012

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